iPad mini stand - natural woods


Color (type of wood)
  • Our multi-angle clever yet simple design allows you to use your tablet in the best position to interact with it, whatever you are doing. Whether it is cooking, reading, watching something on Youtube, the 3 different angles ensure your tablet adapts to you, not the opposite.

  • Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 1,5"H (15cm x 8cm x 4cm)

    Material: Solid wood

    Finish: Hard oil

  • What are the angles of each position?

    From the horizontal: 30°, 45° and 60°, starting from the front

    How wide are the notches

    Each notch is 1/2" wide. We can onlarge them on demand. Fees apply. Contact us for more info.

    Does it work with all type of tablets?

    AS long as your tablet thickness fits in 1/2", it will work.

    Which position is good for watching a video, cooking, etc.

    The first position (starting from the front) works well to read something on your own (the news in the morning while you have your coffee for instance). The second one is good for cooking while following a receipe if you're standing up. The third one is great for watching a video from a distance (if you're two persons watching for instance)

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