iPhone speaker - natural woods


Color (type of wood)
  • This passive speaker / acoustic amplifier for iPhone is a great tool for your home and office. The hole in the front connects to the iPhone own speakers (placed underneath the phone) and channels the sound coming out of them. The result is a gain of volume of about twice the what you'd get with the iPhone "naked". This means it's so much easier to Skype of talk on FaceTime, listen to radio or music and so on.Our customers say they love to keep them on their work desks (these makes jealous amongst colleagues!), on the kitchen counter or by the bed.
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 3,5″ x 1,5"H (10cm x 9cm x 4cm)

    Material: Solid wood (Birch, ash, pine, cherry, butternut or walnut)

    Finish: Hard oil

  • Does my phone fit?

    It works with all models of iPhones (even the 7+) and many models of Android phones. For the amplification of the sound to work, just make sure your phone's speakers are located at the bottom.

    Will it fit with my case?

    The phone chamber is 1/2" wide and will works for most iPhones with standard cases. Please note that Otterbox cases and the likes probably won't fit. Be sure to measure the overall thickness of your phone with it's case before ordering (we do modify them on request though).

    What is the angle of the phone when used with this product?

    You phone rest will rest at a 15° angle when placed in the speaker / acoustic amplifier.

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