About Us


Us & Coutumes was found in 2013 with a passion for furniture and objects, while believing that design is a formidable tool to make things otherwise. We were searching for meaningfulness and a sense of purpose, in a society where the connection to the fabrication of things is lost. We wanted to create useful things while thinking deeply about how we shape and interact with our living environment.

We slowly developed a unique model for our products: a blend of vivid colours, quality hardwoods, craftsmanship and flat packed furniture. In other words, a blend of heritage in a contemporary enveloppe. 

Since then, Us & Coutumes lost one of its founding partner, Jean. But his spirit lives on and in 2021, Alicia Baron has joined the team as associate, bringing a fresh perspective on things and a new expertise in design and woodworking.


Our mission

Our mission is to enhance and embellish the lives of those that interact with us through design, by creating furnishing solutions that respect everyone's way of life. Whether they are our clients or part of our team, our approach is the same. Our ability, as designers, to design every step of the way into our processes, our products and our global customer experience is what in the end creates a meaningful impact.