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Us & Coutumes

Custom work

Our approach

As a business that has its roots in design, we believe everything we do can have a positive impact on the people we touch, either through our products or through their projects. 

Design is therefore at the core of what we propose when working on custom projects.


How we work

When we work on a custom project, our clients might bring complete plans for their project (when they work with an interior designer for instance). In that case, we'll be happy to put our woodworking hat and help refine a few technical details along the way before fabricating the project.

But most of the time, from our experience, people kinda know what they want and they don't have ready to go plans. So they need help figuring a lot of things along the way. And that's ok. That's why we offer a design service billed by the hour to design and make the plans for your project. 

The advantages are:

- You can benefit from experienced furniture designers that will help make your project leaner on you wallet, better integrated in your space and will help along with the multiple choices that comes with custom projects. 

- Before starting anything, we agree with you with a bank of hours that will be spent on the design and plans. Therefore you know what to expect beforehand.

- Once the design is set and the plans are done, they are yours. We will off course give you a quote for your project but you may as well have other quotes made elsewhere. That gives you freedom.