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Color (type of wood)
  • La cible is a magnetic key holder that helps you put your keys somewhere you know you’ll find them (a recurrent problem for Vincent, co-founder of Us & Coutumes). And what better place than in the entryway, on your wall? This is the first place you interact with when you come home and the last place you leave when going out.

    Shaped like a classic target, La cible has one magnet in the centre strong enough to hold the heaviest key sets.

    Everything is included with the kit (see picture). You only need two screws (included) to hang it on the wall.

  • Dimensions: 4,75″ x 0,875″ H (12cm x 2cm)

    Material: Solid wood (Birch, ash, cherry or walnut)

    Finish: Hard oil

  • How many keys can I hang?

    You can hang up to two key sets as long as your key ring is large enough to provide sufficient holding surface.

    Where are the magnets under the surface?

    There is 3 magnets stacked behind one another in the center of the target shaped key-holder.

    How does it attach to the wall

    You simply need ton install the two provided screws in the wall so they are aligned to the brackets holes. You can than attach the key holder to the screws and lock it in place by sliding it down. If the fit seems loose, just remove the key holder and tighten the screws further more.

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